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Stage Lighting - A C Electric
Stage Lighting

One of our specialties is planning and installing stage lighting for churches and other organizations. Stage lighting requires both high-voltage supplies for the lighting fixtures and low-voltage supplies if the organization wants directional controls on fixtures.

Low-voltage directional controls allow remote movement of the lighting fixtures during a performance and can be preformed manually or through automated controllers. This investment can save on labor costs during a performance as well as add to the overall quality of the finished production.
Church Stage Lighting - A C Electric
High-Voltage Lighting

Organizations new to the concept of stage-lighting often make the mistake of taking an existing front-of-house location and attempting with a do-it-yourself approach to add stage lighting to their presentations.

Several problems arise from the do-it-yourself approach:

  • Some stage lighting fixtures consume a great deal of power and require high-amperage load power cabling.
  • Many existing electrical supply panels and their circuit breakers may not be ready to accommodate the load required by stage lighting.
  • Stage lighting will produce much more heat that normal lighting fixtures and both height clearance and cooling ventilation should be brought into the design considerations.
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