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Electrical Services for Remodeling

Electrical Remodeling by A C Electric
Remodeling Your Home?

Remodeling introduces many items into the mix for the homeowner, including city-approved building plans, permits, and qualified contractors.

Most importantly, you will need a bonded, insured, and licensed electrical contractor. That's us A C Electric Corp! Call us at (858) 748-6973 and let us help you with your remodeling plans.
Electrical Remodeling-2 by A C Electric
Electrical Remodeling Challenges

You need a trusted and licensed electrical contractor to handle your power and lighting installations. We will ensure that your finished goal is met from the electrical panel upgrade to the new electrical new electrical outlets and the addition of low-volatge systems, if requested.

Planning should take into account such things as lighting. Its a great time to add new lighting fixtures as well as dimmer controls on the walls.
Modernizing Your Home?

If you are remodeling, it is an excellent time to upgrade your home with added low-voltage features. These can include cable TV, and Internet data access.

Whether you have exposed walls or need your low-voltage system cabling "fished" through existing walls, we at A C Electric have the experience and qualifications to get the job done.

Our Services

Electrical projects for most types of new buildings.
We can design and manage your electrical needs for new construction of home, commercial property, or industrial plant!
Damage from storms, fire, or water?
We have experience in dealing with damage caused by disasters of all types. See how we can help. Call us.
Upgrading or new standards required?
As a licensed contractor we can work with your general contractor or, if just electrical, manage the work for you.
We do have some unique skills!
We have designed installed lighting for churches as well as low voltage systems such as phone, data, and cable systems.