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Electrical Services for Retrofitting

Lighting Upgrade by A C Electric
Replacement and Retrofitting

I you have not checked with an electrical contractor recently, you would be surprised how much the industry technology has changed in the past decade or so.

While we are happy to manage your replacement process for interior and exterior lighting, you should investigate the potential savings in newer more efficient lamps. While there may be an initial capital cost for updating the lighting fixtures to handle the new lamps, the electricity cost savings can be well worth your while in the future.

Remember, the cost of electricity will only go up. Call us today at (858) 748-6973 for a review and estimate to upgrade your interior and/or exterior lighting.
Data Systems by A C Electric
Existing Data Connections Insufficient?

Do you not have enough Internet connections for your computers?

We are experienced installing low-volatge electrical systems: for Ethernet (Internet) connections for computers, networks, and VoIP phones.
Lighting Makeover by A C Electric
New Lighting systems

For homeowners, nothing gives a home a facelift like a new lighting scheme. There are hundreds of new light fixtures to choose from and, more importantly, most of them are probably more efficient than your existing lamps.

Greater efficiency means less electricity consumed which equals a smaller monthly service bill. Call A C Electric at (858) 748-6973 to get an estimate on a lighting facelift for your home or business.

Our Services

Electrical projects for most types of new buildings.
We can design and manage your electrical needs for new construction of home, commercial property, or industrial plant!
Need electrical services with your remodeling project?
Remodel your home, building, or manufacturing space with a dependable, insured, and licensed electrical contractor.
Damage from storms, fire, or water?
We have experience in dealing with damage caused by disasters of all types. See how we can help. Call us.
We do have some unique skills!
We have designed installed lighting for churches as well as low voltage systems such as phone, data, and cable systems.